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Shear Envy is proud to be usingMilk_Shake Hair Color, Products and Hair Treatments! There are a few different types of different ​Milk_Shake Treatments each doing something different. Some like theMilk_Shake Martini Cocktail Treatments will refresh your color, add shine and give your hair the deep conditioning it needs after the winter months. 

​​​We are so excited that Milk_Shakehas released 3 new products from their Lifestyling line, and we have them!  STRONG HOLD HAIRSPRAY, MEDIUM HOLD HAIRSPRAY AND DRY SHAMPOO!  

We also have in stock the new Milk_Shake ​Incredible Oil . ​This amazing dry, spray oil has 12 benefits in 1 bottle. Stop in the salon so you can see, smell and try out all the new stuff! 

We also offer Milk_Shake Natural Care Yogurt Masks​. These masks are made with a restructuring base of yogurt mixed with milk, yogurt, cocoa or papaya powder compounds to create four different creamy, soft and nourishing masks with a pleasant, sweet milk fragrance. The yogurt mask base contains avocado and rice oil, honey and fruit extracts and vitamin E that protects hair color from free radicals and fading.