​​Hello and Happy New Year!  

Shear Envy Salon Winter Newsletter 

We have so many fun things upcoming this year! 
As the FREEZING cold season settles in for the long haul, we all tend to get a bit stir crazy! To help beat the boredom of the dark, cold weather, we have come up with a few ways to cheer you up!

Do you have a bunch of hair products at home that you shoved in a cabinet and don’t use? Maybe you tried the product a few times and don’t think it works for your hair. Or maybe you just don’t like the smell! We all tend to do this with hair, face and body products. A lot of times we buy a product that isn’t even right for us or doesn’t do what we need it to do. Shear Envy wants to give you something to do with those products that are sitting in your cabinet! Tara has decided to host a
HAIR PRODCUT INFORMATION discussion on Friday, February 2nd at 6pm. Bring in your old products and we will discuss why these products are or aren’t for your hair. She will recommend hair products that could work better for you and give you some hair product knowledge! You will receive a 35% discount on new products that your purchase that night and your old products will be donated to a women’s shelter in New Haven. If you want to attend our product night, please RSVP to the salon. 
(Discussion will be about an hour long. Products from home must be at least 50% full to be donated and no more than 2 years old. Anything past 2 years and product is expired)

Who has heard of LASH LIFTING??
If you have ever wanted eye lash extensions and are afraid of the side effects and cost, try lash lifting! It is a safer and more cost-effective way to have longer, darker and add curl to your existing lashes. It involves putting pads on a person’s eyelids and under their eyes, then applying keratin to the lashes. After the treatment is finished you leave with lashes that look like you have used false lash strips or tons of mascara. This treatment lasts anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Doesn’t this sound amazing?! If you would like more information or are even interested in doing this lash lift, you are in luck! Tina Zesner-St.Arnault, the owner of Radiant Skin Care & Energy Healing Studio in East Haven is coming to the salon to give an information session and she will be doing a live model! If you are interested in being a model for this, come to the demonstration, as she will be picking someone that night to give a lash lift to! She will be here on Friday, January 26th at 6pm. If you are interested in coming that night, please RSVP to Shear Envy Salon.

Shear Envy Salon will be introducing a new referral program in the new year! 
We are always grateful for our loyal clients and all the people they refer to the salon. To show our appreciation, we will be instating a referral program. Every time you refer a new client to the salon, you will get rewards money to spend on your next service with us! For every person you send to us, you will receive $5.00 which you can use the next time we see you for a service! These rewards don’t expire so you can save them up or use them as you go! Your choice. Make sure the person you send to us tells us your name, so we can reward you properly!