​​Hello! On the Shear Envy Salon Facebook page, I share a "tip of the week". I thought why not have a spot here where I share some tips as well. I love to write and thought a blog of sorts would be a cool way to keep everyone informed of all the cool new stuff going on in the Shear Envy world. 

As most of you know, Tara and Bianca attended the the International Hair Show in Rome, Italy! They both are educators for the company Z.One Concept that provides us with the brand Milk_Shake. They were lucky enough to attend the show in Italy with the Z.One North American education team. It was an amazing experience and one they will never forget! They were able to see the latest in hair color trends and styles! Stop in the salon and ask them about all the new stuff they saw and make an appointment for a new look! As always, we thank you for choosing Shear Envy for all of your glamour needs.