Hello! On the Shear Envy Salon Facebook page, I share a "tip of the week". I thought why not have a spot here where I share some tips as well. I love to write and thought a blog of sorts would be a cool way to keep everyone informed of all the cool new stuff going on in the Shear Envy world. 

 The Shear Envy "tip of the week", this week is​ not a tip but an invitation! Want to be updated on new the newest Milk_Shake products and colors? Do you want to receive invitations for surprise vouchers and discounts for color haircuts and color services? If so, we encourage our clients to sign up for our Shear Envy email membership. By providing us with your email address and birth day and month, you will unlock weekly discounts, new product notification, get a first look at new colors as they are presented to us,and more. Pretty much all kinds of cool stuff that others won't get! Also on your birthday you will receive a 20% voucher! To be included in this secret society  :) you will need to contact us with your info as soon as possible. (the first secret voucher went already went out!) Thanks!